The Making

In what does production consist at Bertelli2?
“While modelling is like falling in love with an idea, production is where the relationship matures and you gain a better understanding of it.
It’s an evolution of our love for the prototype we’ve made and the idea behind it.
Every object is carefully examined, caressed, appreciated and further nurtured to imbue the soul of our company into it. The essence of which is our exceptional craft knowledge, intuition and skills, oft associated with the “Made in Italy” brand.
Each creation is not just a reflection of our artisans’ skills, their hearts and souls go into making each Bertelli2 product. Therefore, we offer our customers more than a unique handmade product; we are presenting a piece of our soul, our passion for the project and for our Art.
Last but not least, the product is packaged and prepared for shipment, not before being thoroughly inspected. And only after the product has been “loved” this one last time are we ready to let it go.