The Modeling

What is modelling? What goes on during this stage of the production process?

“Despite its rather vague and complicated sounding name, modeling is a phase with an incredible people-centric story…
Modeling is directly executed by our master artisans under my personal supervision.
This is a critical and interesting stage where an abstract idea takes tangible form in a prototype.
This can be a rather arduous process; you can imagine all the sleepless nights we’ve endured and weekends we’ve sacrificed. Every time we’ve had to face a sort of inner “demon”. It compels us to incessantly modify our product until it comes as close as possible to the idea in minds, the idea we’ve become obsessed with. We often realise that we haven’t just made “Object #0”, a new prototype, but much more. That product becomes proof of our company’s story: it’s soaked in our blood, sweat, and tears; evidence of our experience and passion.
At the end of the process, all of us at the workshop are smitten with the end result… And thus, the very delicate phase of modelling, once over, not only gives us an immense sense of relief but also something to celebrate.