The Sale

What does your sales network look like? Do you sell to customers abroad? How long does shipment take?
“Here we are, time to part ways with a product… The sale is always a rather painful farewell to a piece of our heart and soul. But we are recognise that this is an inevitable part of our jobs, and that’s why we execute it to the best of our abilities as well. Our extensive network of sales representatives across Italy covers the whole country and allows us to handle a multitude of orders, varying in quantity and customisation level. We are consistently able to provide customers with the best practical advice regarding our products. This is attributed to the strong relationships we’ve fostered with our customer’s, built upon mutual respect and trust. We are very flexible and we are willing and able to satisfy any demand: any order size can be placed, even for just a few articles, and you can rest assured that it will be processed with due diligence.
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