The Warehouse

Finally, how do you operate a warehouse for artisanal products?
What makes it different from any other warehouse?

“The main purpose of our warehouse is to ship our products to our customers as soon as possible, while demonstrating extreme care in handling each order. The same care we’ve placed into creating products that embody the dreams and passions of our customers.”

Additionally, at the warehouse, our staff not only prepare the items for shipment, by manually wrapping and packing orders, but also provide quality control; each item is thoroughly checked to ensure that it is free from defects and none of its fine details are missing, preserving each product’s uniqueness and high quality. Unfortunately for us, this is also the point where we have to bid farewell to the creations we’ve lovingly nurtured and cherished.

Our warehouse has a designated area for shipments: many items are stored there, ready to be assembled and customised according to our customers’ preferences, such as colour, shade and additional modifications. Each order is ready to ship within a week. Maintenance and subsequent modifications are also completed within one week. We are ready and excited to receive projects, each one a new adventure to embark on.

Our passion for craftsmanship and the “Made in Italy” culture fuels our enthusiasm and brings us great joy. It motivates us to continually enhance our customers’ lives through the sophistication and novelty of handmade Bertelli2 products.