Photo Frames


How to give the right value to a special moment caught in camera? A nice photo frame! The products from our Elegant Gift collection resulted from the collaboration with Chinellato, a company with over 45 years of experience in photo frames.

Our tabletop picture frames by Elegant Gift are entirely handcrafted. Only the best Italian artisans work on our projects, taking care of the smallest details aiming for a good-looking and practical product.

Elegant Gift photo frames are created with best-quality materials, chosen to resist time deterioration, and 16 different styles are available to meet each client’s taste. The first is called HiTech, an ultra-slim solution with very resistant materials, perfect for scratch-risky rooms, like the kitchen.

Navy is the hand painted series, and an additional decoration of Swarovsky crystals can be added by hand. The serie Kiss/Kiss Star is romantic and dreamy, where crystals form the shapes of hearts or stars.

Gold and Silver leafs are the main characteristics of the Saint Marco series, with wood details that vaguely remind of the Baroque tradition. The series Pochette, with its variants Butterfly and Metal, use all the advantages of the American ashes, famous for its strength and its evident veinings.

The mixture of wax with other materials makes our series Tiffany a real piece of originality, while for who wants to give something meaningful for a wedding anniversary, there’s the series Jubilee, where the special occasion is written with swarovsky applied by hand.

For a romantic occasion a nice couple picture can be framed by our series Passion, with Swarovsky crystal in the shape of hearts or with Murano glass.

The series Line and Star, very similar to Jubilee and Passion, are built following a different process. Lastly, the series Wood, made with a pvc resembling to wood, and the series Salento, requiring the intervention of experts for the application of Venetian plaster.