Wall Clocks


Time is the most valuable thing we have. It’s important to make it worth it, and part of it concerns furnishing our home with the right attention to details.

Wall clocks are very important elements in our house and for no reason must they be underestimated. When the aim is to make our living areas beautiful, then Elegant Gift is the answer, with personalizable solutions based on your own taste and history.

This brand was born with the help of Chinellato, a company with over 45 years of experience in photo frames and wall clocks, as purely and magically designed as a truly technology bijou like an Apple Watch! Not only are they perfectly modern and with state-of-the-art technology, but they’re also respecting the important tradition of Italian craftsmanship!

The wall clocks collection by Elegant Gift, realized by hand with MDF tools and personalized on the customer’s taste, includes four different styles, each with its own peculiarities.

The first series is called Salento, originated by MDF tools used to create a Venetian plaster, to which expert renovators add colored sands for an irregular feeling to the touch. The techniques applied aim to make the wall clock remind of the traditional aspect of houses in the South of Italy, detailed and artistic just like our hand-painted clock hands.

Acrylic glass tiles are the forte of the Pulsar series; created by Giugiaro Design, the little pieces are also used for big mosaic masterpieces. According to the room in which the wall clock will be hung, the combination of color is up to the customer’s choice.

The Smoking series is the modern part of our collection, with an up-to-date design and a serigraphed-by-hand touch of beauty.

Last but not least sparkle is the heart of our Queen Swarovsky series! The crystals are positioned by hand and a shiny black or white pvc covers the wall clock.

Each item of our Elegant Gift collection is 100% made in Italy and hand made. The internal mechanism is created in germanym, the best in market when it comes down to technical details. The wall hands, made of aluminum, are made and finalized by Italian artisans.